Help patients like Victoria
by supporting the Hardship Fund
at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse

“I was at such a vulnerable place in my life. I was terrified that I would not recover, that I might die, that I would leave my 16-year-old daughter without a mother. But more immediately, how would I continue to support us if I couldn’t work?

The Hardship Fund gave me hope that I would not only survive the cancer, but I could thrive.”

When Victoria first came to Lifehouse three years ago, she was unable to speak.

Six weeks of concurrent chemotherapy and radiation therapy had left her with third degree burns to her throat.

“ After being diagnosed with an aggressive cancer of the tonsil and lymph node, my prognosis was not good. The panic began to set in - what about my daughter? What if I didn’t survive?  At the time, I was the only person operating my business. How would I afford to stop working, with rent and a child to support?  My voice is my business. If I lost it, how will I continue to provide for her? ”

Your support meant that Victoria was able to access the Hardship Fund at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse as she was going through the toughest experience of her life.

Sadly, Victoria’s story is heartbreaking but not uncommon.

This Christmas, please help the growing number of patients like Victoria and their families who because of her illness are experiencing financial hardship.

The Hardship Fund ultimately provides a lifeline to our most vulnerable patients. It is used solely to cover the out-of-pocket expenses associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment, including, accommodation and transport for rural and regional patients, pain relief, antibiotics, and many other expenses that are not covered by the health care system.